13 February 2008

Spring Retreat Giveaway?

Hey Teens! Now's your big chance to vote on what our Spring Retreat giveaway should be!! We could give away 40 lbs of Neco Wafers, http://www.candydirect.com/bars/Necco-Assorted.html, but word on the street is they're *sick*. What should it be, team??


mr. peters the younger said...

hmmm, well, since a lot of Catholics give up chocolate, how about hershey bars!
(or some other chocoaltey snack?)

mr. peters the younger said...

(i mean chocolatey)

Minni-Mo said...

I say 40lbs of gumballs... just because it would be hysterical.

&M said...


(if anyone bothers to count, there's forty words up there, meaning 40lbs.) Minni-mo had a good idea.