11 February 2008

Sticky, Messy Lives

Last night Amy Winehouse won Grammy's in 5 out of the 6 categories she was nominated- including record of the year, song of the year (both for "Rehab") and best new artist.

People are having a hayday discussing her "rapid descent from promising newcomer to emaciated junkie." Not allowed a visa due to "narcotic abuse", Amy performed 2 songs in London before a smaller audience...for the first time in awhile- since her husband got sent to jail for assault and faking a trial...?

One thing we can see clearly from Amy (and kiddie pools of jello), is that life is messy. We try and fail, try harder, and fail yet again. Luckily for us, God doesn't love us because of what we do.

As Bridget explained last night- we are saved by grace! Jesus came and died in our place, not because we deserved to be saved- but because he loved us. “It is by grace that you have been saved, through faith; not by anything of your own, but by a gift from God; not by anything you have done, so that nobody can claim the credit.” Ephesians 2:8-9

Grace is not the end of the story- we are saved by grace through faith working in love. As St. Augustine said, “The God who created us without our participation has not willed to save us without our cooperation.” We must believe in Jesus, and show our faith through actions of love. As it says in James chapter 2, “Faith apart from works is dead.”

There are millions of ways we can allow God's grace to flower in us through our faith working in love. This week let's focus on our prayer lives. In prayer we meet God and learn of a love that is sincere, unconditional and eternal.

What are some of the things you pray for regularly?

What are some things you wish you prayed for more often?


Anonymous said...

jello rocks. i pray for myself and i wish i prayed for my family more.

Anonymous said...

I always try and remember to pray for people who ask me to pray for them.