10 July 2009

It's That Time Again!

Dear Village Family,

I hope this finds you all well! It feels like it has been too longsince we got the Village Family together. For those who weren't ableto attend, we had an amazing time at Steubenville a few weeks ago! There were 13 of us who went down, with John and I supervising. We had a great time together and had some powerfulexperiences with our Lord in the Sacraments. The theme was worshippingGod- above all else! Pictures to come.

Coming up next week is the annual Ann Arbor Art Fair. As always, TheVillage will be sponsoring the annual Art Fair Parking Fundraiser hereat St Thomas. All proceeds collected go to our Village budget forsocials and retreats. Because of this yearly fundraiser, we are ableto break even on all youth programming! Without this extra income, StThomas would probably be unable to offer 3 retreats each year,exciting socials, our regular weekly meeting, or pizza on Adorationnights- not to mention the excellent junk food we all love. :) Intoday's economy- this fundraiser is a huge deal for St Thomas, and itdirectly affects you!

I need **teens** to cover a number of shifts from next Wednesday, July15th, to Saturday, July 18th. Teens always have a blast at Art Fairparking- playing board games, eating junk food and chatting under thetent! Teens are responsible for accepting payment and directing carsto appropriate spots. Please see the timeslots below and let me knowthis week when you are available.

I need **parents** to help out by covering one to two shifts next weekalso. I am able to be there for much of the duration of theFundraiser, but I am unable to cover all 42 hours in addition to setupactivities earlier in the week. This can be a great opportunity to dosomething for St Thomas with your teen! Adult Volunteers and Parentsare responsible for supervising teens and assisting as needed withaccepting payment and directing cars. Please see the timeslots belowand let me know this week when you are available.

Due to everyone's finances these days, we will not be going to CedarPoint this year. :( Instead, this August we'll be trekking away fromSt Thomas for an all night lock-in, which will cost less than $30!

God Bless,Beth