21 September 2007

God's Existence

Hey Friends,

Here's another proof for the existence of God:

The human race is haunted by the desire to do what is right. People invariably defend their actions by arguing that those actions do not really contradict a basic standard of behavior, or that the standard was violated for good reasons.

The first five chapters of C. S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity (1953) discuss this objective norm to which people appeal and by which they expect others to abide. Lewis claims that although everyone knows about the law, everyone breaks it. He further asserts that something or somebody is behind this basic law. This obvious principle of behavior is not created by humans, but it is for humans to obey. Different people use different labels for this law -- traditional morality, moral law, the knowledge of right and wrong, virtue or the Way. We will call it the Natural Law. Natural Law shows that the Being behind the universe is intensely interested in fair play, unselfishness, courage, good faith, honesty and truthfulness.

Summed up more concisely;

In Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis makes the following argument:
1. There is a universal moral law.
2. If there is a universal moral law, then there must be a universal moral lawgiver.
3. Therefore, there must be a God.

Can you guys think of any examples of the Universal Moral Law in your day-to-day life?

Can't wait to see you all at the Social!! :) Yay for Bubble Island...


07 September 2007

Its finally here!

From our Melissa and Nemo...

With the Village just 2 mere days away, I'm sure we're all excited – I know I sure am. But with the start of the Village, it also brings us to think about our prayer lives. I'm sure all of us could think of something we can improve on, and all I'm saying is for you to think about what you want to improve on, and offer it to God during our first Village…who knows…maybe something magical will happen…..

Luv ya's, and can't wait to see you all

~Mel and Nemo