07 September 2007

Its finally here!

From our Melissa and Nemo...

With the Village just 2 mere days away, I'm sure we're all excited – I know I sure am. But with the start of the Village, it also brings us to think about our prayer lives. I'm sure all of us could think of something we can improve on, and all I'm saying is for you to think about what you want to improve on, and offer it to God during our first Village…who knows…maybe something magical will happen…..

Luv ya's, and can't wait to see you all

~Mel and Nemo


Minni-Mo said...

This evening was AMAZING!!! thanks so much for doing it Beth!

Mr. Peters the younger said...

I would have to concur with minni-mo. Beth, You did a fantastic job of co-ordinating tonight's meeting even though we had a ton of people.
Kudos to you.

God bless the Village

Elle m n o p said...

YAY for the Village- everyone was so awesome in reaching out on Sunday...there were a couple parents out in the parking lot chatting with their teens afterwards- i walked by and said, "hey guys! thanks for coming!"...the parents and teens responded with, "no problem! we'll definitely come back!" :) HOORAY! It was so awesome seeing that many people in adoration (I think I counted 53, including adults).

Thanks for all the hard work beth- I think it was the best Village meetings so far :)

Have a super de dooperty week, everyone! and eat lots of bologna!

Minni-Mo said...

Again, youth group rocked tonight Beth! thanks!

We need a new post! :)

mr. peters the younger said...

Again, Great job with the meeting, Beth! About more posting. Do you think maybe you'd want to put something up on the existence of God to add to what was said at the meeting? Anyway thanks a lot!

God bless

elle m n o p said...

who's pumped about friday?

I AM! :)

DucInAltumBeth said...

It's so exciting to see our Village grow, and to see each of you stepping up to welcome others!

As long as we don't forget our destination- encountering Christ- this is sure to be an incredible year.

You are all in my prayers, as always!