24 October 2007

From Sister Britt!

This one comes from our own Britt, Mike's sister- who just went off to join the Sisters of the Virgin Matara this past August...as you can see, she is busy praying for us!

Dear Villagers,

Praised be Jesus Christ! Greetings from the convent- I pray that you have all had a safe, fun, and holy summer vacation! The last summer with my family was awesome.

Now I am beginning to get ready for convent classes- we will be learning subjects such as Intro to Philosophy, Mariology (the study of the Blessed Virgin), spanish, doctrine, spirituality, and more. They are going to be great! I am so excited.

I guess I should probably introduce myself, if there are new villagers, I am Britt Megargle. I am 17 and entered the convent of the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara. It is a missionary community and is part of the family of the Incarnate Word (we have priests as well- Nate Dreyer will be one!) The community was started 19 years ago in Argentina and has spread to numerous countries throughout the world and currently there are around 750 sisters and about the same number of priests.

I am located in the DC area for my formation- which lasts about 4 years. I have been here for almost a month. There are 16 sisters so far in my class and that number is expected to grow. My class will grow until somewhere in the middle of this month then a new class will begin.. class meaning the sisters who will be in my same formation year.

A little bit more about religious life/my community, as a religious sister after first vows (a year generally- sometimes two).. (the vows being poverty, chastity, and obedience) we are considered brides of Christ. Christ is our bridegroom. The habit which is worn everyday is our wedding dress, we are espoused to Him. It is a powerful thing.

The religious life is also extraordinarily beautiful. It is a chance to see God's grace at work. Living with 30 women, in the same house everyday all day is proof that God is present. In my bedroom I have two other sisters and some rooms have upwards of three sets of bunkbeds (all full with sisters on the floor).

In my community the average age is somewhere in the early 20s. The sisters are amazing because they are on fire and striving to live a life solely dedicated to God. It is a difficult thing as we well know. But God provides the graces necessary to persevere.

The community is specially dedicated to Our Lady. We take a fourth vow of total consecration to Mary, and we are constantly singing and praying to her. We also have a dedication to the evangelization of the culture, and we do this by working in parishes as well as working with the youth. In addition to the spiritual works we perform, we have works of mercy- such as homes for the elderly, the handicapped, and children. It is so beautiful!

Poverty is something we embrace fully as well. We survive on donations. For example, the food we eat comes from benefactors. One week we might have three boxes of peaches, and then not see a peach for two months. It is a beautiful way of fully relying on God's providence.

As I said at the beginning of the letter, I am doing well. I am beginning to adjust to the life and love my sisters. The first two weeks were a little difficult, but God's grace has led me through as He always will!

Please pray for me, and that God's will continue to be performed! I will certainly keep you in my prayers. I had such a great time getting to know everyone last year. It was such a blessing from God to have the Village in my life. If you would like to write, I would love to hear from you! Feel free to ask me any questions that you have!

God Bless!

In the love of the Holy Family,

Sr. Britt Megargle
11311 Drumsteugh Lane
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

03 October 2007

From Nate the Smooth...

Nate the Smooth was one of our Volunteers at the Village last year. This past summer, he declined his acceptance to Johns Hopkins Medical School to enter the Brothers of the Institute of the Incarnate Word, where he will study to become a priest. Check in with Beth for his contact info...
Hi! I hope all is going well in Ann Arbor, and that you're keeping Betho out of trouble.

Life as a novice is kind of crazy- the only other native English speaker left, so I can go awhile without hearing any English!

Please pray for me, and know that I pray for y'all everyday!

In Christ,
Nate (the non-scruffy)

From our own Melissa S....

Can you sue God?

What a question. Can you really sue God? I was listening to the radio today while coming home from school, and I heard the DJ talking about someone literally (and legally) suing God. If you google it, you'll come up with a bunch of hits. I did it myself, and this is what I got….the man is suing God for…guess….natural disasters. This man said he's suing God and "ordering Him to cease certain harmful activities and the making of terroristic threats."

My thought is this…can you really sue God? I man God is everything, how can you sue him? What reason do we really have to disregard everything God has ever done for us (ie. Gave us life!) And throw it all away b/c you don't agree with the war in Iraq (or something like that).

So if you have any comments on suing God…please post them. I'm still boggled as to why anyone would want to! I mean God is GREAT! Why try to change anything??

Luv ya's

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