03 October 2007

From our own Melissa S....

Can you sue God?

What a question. Can you really sue God? I was listening to the radio today while coming home from school, and I heard the DJ talking about someone literally (and legally) suing God. If you google it, you'll come up with a bunch of hits. I did it myself, and this is what I got….the man is suing God for…guess….natural disasters. This man said he's suing God and "ordering Him to cease certain harmful activities and the making of terroristic threats."

My thought is this…can you really sue God? I man God is everything, how can you sue him? What reason do we really have to disregard everything God has ever done for us (ie. Gave us life!) And throw it all away b/c you don't agree with the war in Iraq (or something like that).

So if you have any comments on suing God…please post them. I'm still boggled as to why anyone would want to! I mean God is GREAT! Why try to change anything??

Luv ya's

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