19 December 2007

Retreat Footage: Piano Man!

Retreat Footage!

Bringing it all together...

Thank you to everyone who made our Village Fall Retreat 2007 such a success! We Wish To See Jesus was a beautiful theme, to read the full address of Pope John Paul II (the one our Retreat was themed on) go here-


Don't miss our next Village, this Sunday Dec 23rd, a night of Adoration and social time. :)

Finally, as we prepare for Christmas during this Advent season, let's make sure we don't miss http://icanhascheezburger.com/ and all it's hillarity...

03 December 2007

Wiki Jesus!

Directions for Play:
1. Go to Wikipedia

2. Click “Random Article” (in the box under the big ol’ Wiki puzzle logo)

3. Player has five (5) clicks to get from the random article to the article “Jesus”(A click constitutes as going from one page to another. If you click a link and it brings you further down the page, that is not a click.)1, 2, 3, GO!

4. Post your link path here so we can all see.