20 February 2008

Catching a Goose

Many of you know that I volunteer at the petting zoo over at Domino's farm once a week. I feed the sheep and the cows, take water to the 800lb pig, and chase around my favorite baby goat. Mostly, I do whatever they ask! This week I was asked to climb into a giant pen with geese and ducks, and catch two of them. Now, if we were together, I would ask for a show of hands to see how many of us have attempted this...Suffice to say it was *my* first time.

I managed to climb the wire fence...and I approached with all the stealth-ness I could muster. Perhaps the 8ft net gave me away, bc I think they knew I was coming! Finally, I managed to corner a couple of them, but my net got caught on on a root. Not wanting to lose the opportunity, I dove in to catch the goose with my arms! I imagine my dive was quite a ridiculous sight to behold..but I sure caught that goose.

We are often afraid to really dive for the things we want. We are afraid of looking foolish, or of trying our hardest and still failing. As we prepare for Spring Retreat, Jesus asks us to be courageous and to dive deeper into our faith. Our theme for the upcoming Spring Retreat is "Put Out Into the Deep"! This passage comes in Luke Chapter 5, when Jesus invites Peter to put his boat out into the deep for a catch. Peter had been fishing all night and caught nothing, but in his weariness he obeys and is richly rewarded. The goal of this retreat is to listen for the personal call of Jesus- to recognize that we are beloved, chosen, and called.

More information will be coming this Sunday about our Spring Retreat, March 28-30th.

Anybody have a funny story about a goose? Any farm animal?


Minni-Mo said...

wow...I wish I could have seen you do that! :)

Robert said...
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mr. peters the younger said...

You know, even though alot of people associate Geese with the change of season (you know, flying south for the winter?), 9 times out of 10 they seem to have no clue what they're doing! Anyone else notice em going east or west in winter or is it just me???

p.s. great village tonight! :-)

&M said...

Switching to another subject, Do we need permission slips for ice skating?

Minni-Mo said...

does anyone know when Beth is or did return?

mr. peters the younger said...

last I heard (on sat. night), she was in Cincinnati, she was walking around somewhere, and she was lost... :-) so, let's hope she found her way back to St. Thomas!

Leachim said...

Ooooo, beth come back!!!!!!!!! OH BTW EVERYONE, I'M GOING TO THE RETREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert said...
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mr. peters the younger said...


We have a new Bishop in Lansing!!! His name is Earl Boyea.
He is the fifth Bishop of Lansing.

Let's all offer our prayers for him that he will be given the strength and help he needs to be able to lead our dioceses well as a good shepherd!