27 February 2008


I've been thinking a lot about the concept of being 'lost' these days...for a couple reasons.

1. I've become obsessed with the TV Show! Although I'm about 3 years behind the show, I love the idea of having no idea where you are... having to look for clues... and the adventure of chaos at every turn.

2. I seem to get lost quite a bit! This past weekend I roadtrip-ed it to Cincinnati with Rachel, only to get lost innumerable times! Maps and I don't get along- so I turn to Mapquest, only to be confused when signs don't read exactly as Mapquest said they would. Sunday afternoon I was wandering through downtown Cincinnati talking to Rob on the phone- only to realize I had gone 15 minutes in the wrong direction!

There are millions of ways to get lost in real life- wrong turns, confusion, anger, and sin to name a few. Of course recognizing that you are lost suggests there is somewhere you are trying to go!

As Catholics we are called to Put Out Into the Deep- to follow Jesus into the deep waters...to put our trust in Him to the test. It's easy to trust in Jesus when you stay in the shallow end. Jesus calls us to recognize *who* we are- and *what* we are called to! This semester, at Spring Retreat, we will be focusing on who we are.

Beloved. Chosen. Called.

Village News:

Village Volunteer Changes: Bethany Thelen to focus more on Catholic Nursing Student Association


That one guy said...

Cool, that's totally true. It's so easy to get lost. Whether just by a sin that you keep committing, or just having a time in your life that you're feeling down and you just start wandering down different paths trying to fill yourself up.


Minni-Mo said...

repeating someone else's comment from the last post...

'do we need permission slips for ice skating?'

thanks :)

p.s. I think a village sign in sheet question should be 'who are you on the blog' because I don't know who half the people that post are :)

DucInAltumBeth said...

Ha! Me neither! :) Permission slip for IceSkating is coming! :)

Robert said...
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mr. peters the younger said...

Hey nice Village tonight Beth!
Great that you were un-lost enough to make it! :)

As to the permission slip for ice skating/crashing, is there any definite deadline for turning em in?

DucInAltumBeth said...

No- no deadline for permission slips- just bring it all on Friday!