23 May 2008

Coming Home from Uganda

Here's another one from Bridget! :)


I am falling into such a routine and now I am leaving. Lately I have been spending my evenings at an orphanage near by - its like nothing I've ever experienced. When I arrive, I check in with the watchman (everyone here has a watchman), by the time I finish - the children have all gathered at the gate, singing and dancing to welcome me 'Ba -rid- a- jet' they say 'she is here'. As soon as I enter, I children jump into my arms, wrap around my legs, hold my hands and even my skirt - they have so much love to give!

Usually I just sit in the middle of them, holding as many babies as I can, they like to play with my hair and take my sandals. I taught them some American songs but our rhythm is not up to their standards... these children can sing and dance so well, even the toddlers can dance better than me.

The other day I brought some of the candy Bethany gave to me - I was expecting a mad rush but to my surprise (and awe) they shared... even some of the older ones (the older ones are only 6 or 7 years) unwrapped the candies for the toddlers before taking their own - they really have so much love especially for each other.

There is one girl, Sarah who is 19 but still stays with them because she is lame and mentally retarded. She gives so much to their community, she will sit in the middle of the infants and rock whoever is crying in her arms - I am so inspired by them all. The hardest part is leaving - I literally have to peel the children off of me.

Yesterday I went to Queen Elizabeth National Park, it was amazing. We saw elephants (my favorite), hippos, crocodiles and so many other amazing animals. The whole day I was thinking of the Creation story and then to top it off, on the way home their was a rainbow. As our driver always says, when he stops to show us the beauty of Uganda "God is so good to us".

I gave one of our Village retreat shirts to the girl who helps us at the convent. Her name is Maggie and she just loves it. She says she will pray for our whole Village.I can't wait to see you all.

Thank you for your prayers and support - I can feel them.

Under His Love,Bridget


mr. peters the younger said...

Sounds like this has been a really great time for Bridget! Let's hope that this will be an inspiration for all of us!

p.s. When will Bridget arrive back in Michigan?

Anonymous said...

As a wise car once said:
"There's alot of love out there."
I must agree.

We're all looking forword to seeing you soon.

Girly Girl said...

I have been keeping you (and everyone over there) in my thoughts and prayers. I hope everything is going well in Uganda. I know things are hard there and I'm sure you have brought so much joy and help to everyone. :] Have a safe trip back! God bless.