28 May 2008

Admiring the Nostril Holes...

Meet my pet turtle. He's very cute. He's green, usually wet, and has 2 very small perfect nostril holes in the center of his face. If you haven't met him before, his name is Irenaus. Some of his favorite activities are as follows- swimming against the water filter, chewing on his fake plants, and hanging onto his overturned flower pot with his nostrils just barely out of the water.

Turtles, especially mine, are fabulous creatures. Often when I arrive home I hear a great plop of Irenaus jumping off of his log and racing to hide from view. Turtles are very into self-preservation- and the slightest noise will send them flying back into their turtle-shell.

Most of us are like Irenaus- we are very interested in self-preservation, and we rarely see any good in suffering- or even being a bit outside of our comfort zone. Christ once said, "Unless a single grain of wheat falls into the ground, it remains a single grain. But if it dies it yields a rich harvest." (John 12:24) What did he mean by that??

The topic for this week's Village is Redemptive Suffering. Suffering is one of the great paradoxes of our Christian faith. First we have the simple question of why a good God would allow it- and looking to the Cross of Christ we realize suffering can bring about so much good. (Like the salvation of the whole world!)

Why *does* God allow suffering in the world? What good comes from our sufferings? What does it mean to ‘offer it up?’ What do other faiths teach about suffering? Join us this Sunday for our last regular Village and some great discussion of these deep questions.

Village News

Next Sunday
Next week is our last regular Village meeting of the year!!! Join us next Sunday June 1st for games and a discussion on Redemptive Suffering!

Join us at Gallup Park (near the bigger playground) Sunday, June 8th from 4-7pm for our Village Barbeque Blow-Out. We’ll bust out some Ultimate Frisbee, share some memories of the year, and eat some terrific food. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and tableware will be provided.

Please Bring:
---Men: a desert to share
---Women: a side to share
---Blanket to sit on

Vacation Bible School
The St Thomas VBS runs from Monday, June 23rd through Friday, June 27th from 9-12noon. This year we will be discovering the Saints through music, games, crafts and more! Volunteers are still needed to help. Send Beth an email if you can help out!

--Hey Steubenville Cats- remember our group meeting is after this Sunday's meeting, 7-7:30pm. See you then!

--Youth Minister Beth Montgomery can be reached at anytime (seriously) on her cell phone, (734) 545 0827. If I don’t get to it in time- please leave a message and I’ll call you back!

--For Village events on the summer, be sure you’re on the Village email list serve! During the school year we send weekly updates, over the summer it will be less often.


mr. peters the younger said...

Wow, it's sad that the end of Village has come so soon! Nevertheless, it's been a great year of Village and many many many thanks to all the Villagers, the Volunteers and especially to you, Beth!!!

See you all on Sunday!!!

&M said...

I got my head shaved!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully it grows back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Finals are here so, good people, pray for those who are about to take them!!!!!!!! Hope Village was fun! I can't make it to Village party this Sunday :'(, I have to go to a graduation party. Thanks Beth for such a great year of GUS and Village, can't wait until next!