02 April 2008

Responding to Grace

Some Retreat highlights!

--Tom got a 'lucky' pancake with a whole packet of Big League Chew inside- blech
--Monica lost the hot water contest with my small group...ha ha...
--Jacob won MVP for Friday's icebreaker- he knew *everybody*!
--Laura won Most Likely To Sleep in the Wrong Girl's Cabin
--Mike won the Big League Chew...and showered the rest of us with generosity
--Ben and Theresa were champions of the water drinking game...or not.. ;)
--Bernard, Kathleen, and Stefani perfected the model's catwalk...
--And Irenaus and Bethany stopped by!

We meditated on the piece of scripture in which Jesus calls Peter to 'Put Out Into the Deep;' especially what this means in terms of daily discipleship.

We will be chatting more about the opportunity to 'Put Out Into the Deep' by responding to God's love through servant leadership in the Village. Visit http://www.findthevillage.com/ to download the 'Responding to Grace' Application to be a Teen Leader. It is exciting to see the many ways God has equipped us for these important ministries. :)

Looking forward to seeing you all this Sunday at Village!


Village News

Dinner and Some Bible Canceled This Week

--We'll be starting up again next week!


too bad nemo wasn't at the retreat said...

wow, the retreat was so amazingly good!! it was really cool to meet all the new people, and really get to know them. i def. made some amazing new friends. can't wait to see everyone at Village on sunday!!

mr. peters the younger said...

All those new Villagers!
From the Talks to the Small Groups!
From Adoration to Bubbles!
It was all great!
Thanks all you who made it great!
Thanks to the Villagers,
the awesome volunteers,
and last but most def. not least!THANK YOU BETH!!! :)

Minni-Mo said...

more pictures?! ...please! :)

"Phil" said...

darn no bible oh well! next week

mr. peters the younger said...

when/where are the rest of the pics from the retreat going to be posted??? :)

&M said...

Totally awesome retreat! Woohoo! Can't wait to see all the new Villagers this Sunday!

p.s. beth where's the photos?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Spring Retreat pics are online!! Check it out--- http://flickr.com/photos/findthevillage/sets/


mr. peters the younger said...

Thanks Betho!
See you all on Sunday!!!

&M said...

Excellent pictures

Minni-Mo said...

YAY!! I can't wait to see the pictures!

Can you bring a chicken to youth group soon? :) hehe...

DucInAltumBeth said...

We'll see about that chicken! Ha! :)

i realli miss nemo said...

wow beth..i <3 the pics! especally the one of me and min....amazing!!

mr. peters the younger said...

Great Village tonight Beth! :)