07 April 2008

Boredom Worse Than Exhaustion!

A new study* reports that it is better to have overworked employees than bored employees. Overworked employees tend to experience burnout, struggle with their personal lives, and produce lower quality work.

Those who are bored at work are less proud of their company, less inovative in their work, feel less valued by their employer, and have nearly no sense of accomplishment in their work. Certainly all of these attributes are easily transferred to those who are bored at school, or bored in their daily life.

Researchers have found that the longterm effects of bored employees are worse than the longterm effects of overworked employees!

Boredom can be a serious problem in every season of our lives-as a student, an employee, or even raising a family. We become restless because we are not engaged in the present. We might be running through life, or simply spectating- without considering how life could be different if we committed to the present moment.

The poet Rilke once said, "Is it possible that despite our discoveries and advances, despite our culture...and science, we have remained only on the surface of life?" As Christians we know that "One can only find oneself in the sincere gift of self." Do you feel bored in your daily life? In what ways might service help you to dive deeper in life?

As a part of 'Responding to Grace', we are opening up opportunities for Servant Leadership in the Village! We need Villagers to step forward to help lead and man several different teams- the Setup Team, Hospitality Team, Community Team, and the Greeting Team. Not only is this a great service opportunity, but you can put add this to those infamous college apps one day. :) Download the application from http://www.findthevillage.com/ today!

Village News:

Next Sunday
Join us next Sunday from 5-6:30 for our Village social night! We’ll have all the games you know and love from Recess as a kid. The chapel will be open for part of the night for those who wish to pray. :) A prize goes to whoever brings the most people. Please bring a snack to share.

Dinner and Some Bible: Thursdays 7-8:30
Stop on by St Thomas this week for Dinner and Some Bible. We’ll be eating some great food, and then reading some of the book of 1 Peter. It’s going to be a swell time- come hungry!


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