19 November 2007

A Villager Appeals!

The time has once again come! Its…RETREAT TIME!! For those of you who have never had the chance of going on a Village Retreat, I really urge you to think about going to this upcoming one. Village Retreats happen to be one of the best times you will ever have. I mean who doesn't want to go to Taco Bell at a ridiculous hour?

But that's not the only thing that makes a Village Retreat so amazing. First of all, you are forced to be in the same place as a ton of other teens, thus you get to know people better and make new friends. Plus when you are given talks, you actually are told something that pertains to life as a teenager (shocker). Small groups are amazing, and people really listen to what you have to say.

And then you get to the amazing part – Eucharistic adoration. Spending time in front of the blessed sacrament is one of the most amazing parts of the entire retreat. It is plain to tell that God is present there – His love is so thick in the atmosphere. Spending some time with God present there, right in front of you, is so amazing, and quite am emotional time for some, and is something you will never ever forget.

So, let us recap shall we? The top reasons to go to a village retreat….you make amazing friends, you get a closer relationship with God, people really listen to you, you have the time of your life, and Jesus wants you to go (He wants you to get to know Him better).

So please come! I promise you that you won't forget any memory of this amazing time…and then you will go and bug people for weeks after telling them every single detail about the retreat. I really hope to see you there!


Minni-Mo said...

YAAY for Village retreats!!!!! I can't wait!!!

&M said...

I Hope I can go!! But I don't know if I can!!!!!!!

Minni-Mo said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to the Village!!!

mr. peters the younger said...

I haven't made it to any Village retreats but I hear they're a blast!
I'm totally making it to this one!
Hope to see you all there!

Nemo rocks my world said...

i am so going!! i'm really excited...village retreats are the best...and my sis said she might be able to make it...but she's not sure yet