12 November 2007

Connected to Calcutta

Hey Villagers!

Through a friend, I have come into contact with Havilah, a young woman who is 23, and off to volunteer in Calcutta India for a year! A student of Ave Maria University, she is from rural Wisconsin originally. Tonight she sleeps in Delhi!

Please pray for her especially in the next 24 hours, as she will be soon boarding an Indian train bound for Calcutta- that may take anywhere from 18-36 hours. Additionally, as a young woman traveling alone they can also be slightly unsafe. Please pray for her!!

Luckily, some leftover donations from my stay there will be able to help her to stay there for longer than she might have been able to otherwise. God takes care of all the details when we are faithful to Him!

We can track all of her adventures at -- http://havilahs.blogspot.com, feel free to leave her comments!


mr. peters the younger said...

No problem Beth, we'll all be praying for her!
God bless us all!

i found nemo again!!! said...

wow that sounds amazing. i will def. keep her in my prayers. i hope she has good time there

Minni-Mo said...

That's so cool! Prayers are on the way!

Where there is gold... said...

Thank you so much Beth and company! I really, really, appreciate all the prayers! It is beautiful here, and I am so grateful!