03 March 2010

Spring Retreat!

Dear Villagers,

We had an intense game of Catch Phrase at Village this past Sunday, so much running and laughing. A big thank you to the Volunteers for doing such an awesome job in my absence! From what I hear there was some great dialogue about how to answer questions from non-Catholic Christians, fallen-away Catholics, and agnostics. We'll continue this focus on Interfaith Dialogues at Village this Sunday, 5-6:30pm.

So you may know already- Spring Retreat is coming up March 19th-March 21st! If you've been on a Village Retreat before, this one is going to be even better. Never been on one? Now is your chance! Our Spring Retreat is hosted in town at St Thomas, and if you sign up by Monday it's only $50! When your parents help out for just an hour and a half over the course of the weekend, you pay even less. Even if you have a schedule conflict over the weekend, you may still be able to come!

Our Spring Retreat Theme comes from Matthew chapter 5, when Jesus calls us to be the “salt of the earth...the light of the world!” Over the course of the weekend we'll experience real community like the early Church- we'll laugh together, pray together, share together, and run around playing ridiculous games. Retreats take friendships to the next level through explosive games, skits, small group bonding, and copious amounts of food. Together we will encounter Jesus in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and be blessed by God’s Real Presence in Eucharistic Adoration and the Holy Mass.

All high school students are welcome, bring your friends. Most importantly, we want *you* to join us!


Blessed Kateri @ The Dead Theologians Society this Thursday
Come out this week to meet the courageous woman who declared that the cross was the source of all her happiness during her life, and who calls us to make it our source of happiness as well.

-6:30pm: Socializing in Parish Offices!
-7-8pm: Prayer in the Church choir loft
-8-8:30pm: Socializing & Snacks!

This Sunday's Village, 3/7: Interfaith Dialogues, Knowing Your Stuff

Join us this Sunday to learn ways to nurture relationships to make Interfaith Dialogues possible. Interfaith Dialogues are about building relationships! Sharing our faith with others isn’t just about having all the answers; it’s also about listening to others with compassion, asking questions, and building rapport. Strong relationships were a key element in the ministry of Jesus, and should therefore be integral to any form of evangelism today.

Salt and light ~ The Village Spring Retreat ~ March 19th-21st

Checkout www.findthevillage.com for more info!

Got loads of homework??
-Our Spring Retreat begins Friday March 19th at 6:45pm, and ends Sunday March 21st at 12noon. So even if you've got loads of homework, you will have all day on Sunday to get it done!

Don't know anyone who's coming??
-We often have teens come on Retreat who haven't ever come to any other Village stuff. We're a super friendly group!
-If you're on Facebook, look for 'The Village @ St Thomas', we have a page, and an event for Spring Retreat. You can see others who are coming!
-Stop on by our regular meeting this Sunday and meet a few friends!
-Checkout our group pic from Fall Retreat- know these ppl??

Been there, done that?
-If you've been on a Village retreat before, keep in mind that this one is going to be a little different!
-Our emphasis for this Retreat is on relationships, community, and finding the strength to answer Jesus' call to be "salt and light" in the world around us.
-Girls, some of you had to share showers on Fall Retreat- but you'll each get your own every morning!

Your Questions of the Week: Is divorce a sin?
The Catechism states that a valid marriage in the Catholic Church cannot be dissolved in any way besides death (#2382). Jesus said as much of marriage saying “'For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh'? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, no human being must separate."-Matthew 19:5-6

Therefore, the Church does not recognize civil divorces- a couple that was once validly married in the Catholic Church is still married in the eyes of the Church. A civil divorce does not dissolve the marriage bond before God.

Obtaining a legal civil divorce, therefore, certainly does not free the spouses to marry again. If a couple is validly married in the Catholic Church, and one of them divorces their spouse legally and remarries another, that person commits the sin of adultery. As Jesus Himself said "Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her; and if she divorces her husband and marries another, she commits adultery."-Mark 10:11-12

Receiving an anullment from the Catholic Church is something quite different from a legal divorce, although annulments are sometimes mistakenly called "Catholic divorces." In reality, annulments do not presume to end marriages at all but simply recognize and declare, after sufficient investigation, that a marriage never existed in the first place. If a marriage never really existed, then there is nothing to dissolve. Such situations can come about for one (or more) of three reasons: lack of sufficient capacity, failure to adequately consent, or violation of canonical form. Capacity involves a party’s ability to contract marriage. For example, a person who is currently married is incapable of attempting another marriage. Consent involves a party’s commitment to the marriage as the Church understands it. Form is the actual process of entering into marriage (i.e., the wedding). Those who were married in the Church and had their marriage anulled are free to marry.

Although civil divorce is not recognized by the Church, the Church recognizes the need for civil divorce in some circumstances. “If civil divorce is the only way to ensure certain legal rights, the care of the children, or the protection of inheritance, it can be tolerated and does not constitute a moral offense.” (Catechism #2383) Nonetheless, a civil divorce does not free the spouses to remarry.

That said, obtaining a civil divorce and remarrying “is a grave offense against the natural law…it claims to break the contract to which the spouses freely consented, to live with each other until death.” (Catechism #2384)

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