01 February 2010

Serving @ a Soup Kitchen!

The Village
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Dear Villagers,

Hope all is well with you! Last night at Village we had an impressive game of dodge-ball that involved quite a bit of running, obstacles, and blindfolds. We talked about Marian Apparitions- moments in history where Mary appeared to people and gave them a special message for their time. Throughout the history of the Church, Mary continues to lead us to her son, Jesus!

As Pope John Paul II once said, “Mary was given to you to help you enter into a more authentic and more personal relationship with Jesus. Through her example, Mary teaches you to gaze on him with love, for He has loved us first. Through her intercession, she forms in you a disciple's heart able to listen to her Son.”

One aspect of being a disciple of Christ is service! As Christians we are Christ's body in the world- we are called to show His love for mankind through loving service. It is only when we give of ourselves that we discover the fullness of life that Jesus promised us (John 10:10). This Saturday The Village has been invited to serve at St Andrew's Episcopal Church's Breakfast Program- where for 25 years they have been providing a free meal to the poor and homeless of our society.

Jesus told us that what we do for the least of the brothers, we do for Him (Matthew 25:40). Won't you come out this Saturday from 7-10am to provide a warm breakfast to nearly 150 people? Of all the reasons to get up early- doesn't this top them all? Join me, Renee Sink, and a number of other Villagers as we answer Jesus' call to feed His sheep (John 21:17).

-RSVP to Serve this Saturday @ St Andrew's

-Meet St Blaise @ the Dead Theologians Society on Thursday

-No Regular Village Next Sunday- Enjoy the Superbowl!

-Your Question of the Week: One of my acquaintances needs help, but she won't talk to me. What can I do?

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This Thursday, 7-8pm: St Blaise @ the Dead Theologians Society
Join us as we discover St Blaise, a martyr for the faith who remained faithful until the end. Through the Saints of yesterday, the Dead Theologians Society, or DTS, inspires the youth of today to become the saints of tomorrow!
---6:30pm: socializing in the Parish Offices
----8pm: gather in the Church choir loft for prayer (the Elizabeth St door is always open)
---8-8:30pm: return to Parish Offices for hot cocoa & snacks

RSVP to Serve at the St. Andrew’s Breakfast Program this Saturday 2/6 from 7-10am
Saturday, Feb 6th The Village be joining our Christian brothers and sisters to serve breakfast to 100-150 people in need! We’ll be meeting at St Thomas at 7am, serving until 9am, and catching the 9am Mass to finish! For over 25 years, men and women in need have made their way to St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church for a cup of coffee and a hot breakfast any day of the week. RSVP to Youth Minister Beth Spizarny as soon as you can!

Next Sunday, 2/7: No Regular Meeting, Enjoy the SuperBowl

Sign-up for the Steubenville High School Youth Conference
This July 9th-11th, join The Village @ St Thomas for our annual roadtrip to the Franciscan University of Steubenville High School Youth Conference! Submit registration forms and $70 deposit by February 14th to guarantee your spot, as space is limited. Total cost is $235, all-inclusive.The Village has been attending these Youth Conferences since 2008. This Conference will feature at least one powerful hour of Eucharistic Adoration, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass each day, nationally-renowned Catholic speakers, men’s and women’s time discussing the call to chastity, and two workshop s essions addressing a broad spectrum of topics.

Your Question of the Week: One of my acquaintances needs help, but she won't talk to me. What can I do?
This question has varying answers depending on your friend's circumstance. However, in relationships, the most important thing to always remember is that you can't control another persons actions or make choices for them. You are NOT responsible for their actions. You are only responsible for your own actions. So, your first step to help anyone in need is always to pray for them. Pray that your friend will find the help they need, even if it's not through you. Even when they refuse your help Christ is still always with them.

Your next step, if your friend doesn't want your help, is to suggest other resources that could help them. Sometimes, even the best friends, can't help with certain problems. While it can be frustrating not being the one your friend turns to in their time of need, recommending other places for them to turn is a bigger help than you can imagine. There are so many free resources around Ann Arbor. For help finding the right resources to recommend ask a trusted adult, like your Youth Minister, Beth Spizarny.

Always remember that if your friend is ever a danger to themselves or someone else, it is extremely important not to try and handle the situation yourself. Always immediately seek help from a trained professional. Speaking from experience, a teenager is not always equipped to handle their friends' issues. Know you are not the first to go through this, and unfortunately not the last. Sometimes asking for help from trained professionals is the hardest, most brave and wise thing you can do. Remember that Christ never leaves your friends' side, and He will never leave yours either.

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