30 March 2009

Village News!

Dear Village Family,

Thank you to so many volunteers, parents, and teens who helped to make our Spring Retreat such a meaningful experience! We sent teens out Saturday morning for 4 hours of service in the local community. Some went to serve in a Detroit Soup Kitchen, others visited with the elderly at Glacier Hills, and a group baked muffins for a local soup kitchen. Everyone returned with powerful stories of how they served Jesus in the 'least of the brothers'.

Beyond the service, there were some beautiful sacramental encounters with our Lord, especially Reconciliation. Several said they were consumed with anxiety beforehand, but afterwards they felt a weight was lifted! The Christian life is too hard to be lived without the graces we receive in the Sacraments. We are strongly encouraged to go to Confession regularly, especially during Lent. If you weren't able to join us, and haven't been to Reconciliation in awhile- don't be afraid to go! Our Lord is waiting to extend His mercy and forgiveness.

This coming Sunday will be our last Village for a couple of weeks! Join us as we prepare ourselves for Holy Week by praying the Stations of the Cross. Our meeting will be from 5-6:30pm, as usual.

You are all in my prayers!

----The Village News----

Fully Alive, Spring Retreat Pictures Now Online

Village 4/5: Behold The Man
As we hear those words of Pontius Pilate, ‘Behold, the Man’, let us hear the call to come and adore our Lord through the Stations of the Cross. Catholics are especially encouraged to celebrate the Stations of the Cross in the Lenten season. Join us next Sunday at Village for a prayerful look at the sufferings Jesus bore for our sins.

No Village 4/12- Happy Easter!

No Village 4/19- Congrats!


Minni-Mo said...

what? your not having youth group the day after your wedding?! ;) haha jk!

mr. peters the younger said...

Thanks for posting the Retreat Pics, Beth!

p.s. Good luck and cya when I serve your wedding!!

DucInAltumBeth said...

You can thank Mr Megargle for the pictures, he's quite the picture fiend! He got them up in no time!! Yeah, no Village after the wedding... :)

Minni-Mo said...

Beth -we won't be able to come to your wedding, we'd love to but it's just too hard to do the drive... I thought I'd better let you know since I'm only getting on FB on Sundays...
What do you want as a present though? : )

Minni-Mo said...


mr. peters the younger said...

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

mr. peters the younger said...


Great wedding and God bless you in your life together! :-)

Minni-Mo said...

wedding pictures anyone?!