06 February 2009

Sunday's Village- Dating!

Greetings Villagers!

First of all, a big thank you to all who helped make the Confirmation Reception such a great success last Thursday. We had record attendance, and food to spare at the end. It was great fun working together to prepare vegetable trays, make punch, and wash dishes! Thank you for making time to serve the Church.

After our week off for the Superbowl, I am extra excited to see everyone this Sunday at Village for a night on dating. The Volunteers and I have some great activities planned that involve masking tape, candy, newspaper, and lots of questions! John will be leading our discussion about dating. What is dating, anyway? Who should you date? When should you date? Why? Join us to discuss these and many more questions all about dating!

Hope to see you Sunday,
Village News

Sunday's Village 5-6:30 - The Dating Game
Join us this Sunday at Village for some quality discussion on dating! We’ll be talking about all the important stuff- Who, What, When, Why, and How. Don’t miss this opportunity to get some great dating tips and guidelines!

Steubenville Deadline Approaching!!
Join the Village for our annual roadtrip to Steubenville June 12-14th, 2009. Thousands of teens gather each year to grow in their faith as they participate in the Sacraments and hear some of the best Catholic speakers in the country! The total cost for the retreat is $230, all-inclusive. The due date for registration is February 15th, 2009.

New Pictures Posted
New pictures have been posted of Village Spring meetings and events! You can go to http://www.findthevillage.com/ and click on 'Meeting Pics', or simply click here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/findthevillage/collections/72157607096833965/

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mr. peters the younger said...

Thx for the rest of the pics, Beth!
Cya'll on Sunday!

p.s. Steubenville, here we come!!