26 February 2009

Beyond Rice Bowl: Whole Life Stewardship

Praise God that Lent is finally upon us! Pope John Paul II once shared that “Lent is a time of profound truth which brings conversion,restores hope, and by putting everything back in its proper place, brings peace and optimism.”

Last week at Village you shared with us some of your past Lenten observances. Some of you have given up electronics, sweets, snacking between meals, ice cream, video games, pop, and red meat. Some of you have also added more prayer into your daily routines during Lent. Consider trying to attend *every* Village meeting this Lenten season, to help you grow closer to the Lord!

This year for Lent, Village will be focusing on the three pillars of the season- Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving. This Sunday we'll be having guest speaker Sean Lavell address almsgiving. What does God ask of us as far as tithing goes? What does it mean to be a steward of what He has given us? Join us for some prayerful discussion!

I am praying that each of you would have a joyful and meaningful Lenten season!


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Question of the Week: "Do I have to forgive others to receive God's forgiveness?" (http://www.findthevillage.com/, Question of the Week)

Village Mtg Sunday 3/1, Beyond Rice Bowl: Whole Life Stewardship
As part of our Village Lenten Observance, we’ll be focusing on the three pillars of Lent: Almsgiving, Prayer, and Fasting. Join us Sunday for a special discussion on tithing! What does it mean to give alms, and why are we called to do it? How can we live as stewards of all that God has given us?

Fully Alive, The Village Sring Retreat, March 20-22nd
The goal of this retreat is to discover the fullness of life in Christ through real service to the poor around us. More info coming soon!

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