17 November 2008

Eating the Big Bang

This week @ Village we'll be talking about Adam, Eve, and Evolution! What does the Catholic Church teach about evolution? Can creationism and evolution coexist? What was God's role in the process, if any? Can a Catholic believe in evolution? We'll be discussing all of these questions and more!

Also, don't forget that this Sunday (11/23) at Village is the food collection for "Feed Our Villagers!" We will be collecting all sorts of snacks for our Villagers to eat throughout the upcoming months. If everyone brings one or two snacks each we will be able to continue using our budgeted snack money for Pizza once a month on Adoration nights!

Finally, thank you to all of our great volunteers for leading men's and women's time yesterday. We had some great discussion of body image issues. In Genesis it says that "God created man in his image; in the divine image he created him; male and female he created them. God looked at everything he had made, and he found it very good.” God has called our very bodies *good*, no matter what our own insecurities about them may be. He loves each of us unconditionally! You are all in my prayers. God bless you!

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Feed Our Villagers!
At our regular Village Meeting next Sunday 11/23, we will be collecting non-perishable snacks for our Villagers to eat throughout upcoming months. If everyone brings one or two snacks each we will be able to continue using our snack money for Pizza on Adoration nights!

This Week's Village- Adam, Eve, and Evolution
Next Sunday we will be talking about Evolution and Creationism. Is it wrong to believe in Evolution? Did Adam and Eve come from Apes? How long were the 6 days of Creation in Genesis? Come to discuss the Church's teaching on Evolution- and how it relates to your AP Bio class!

The Village Fall Retreat, "Come and See"
We have extra Retreat shirts!! Retreat Tshirts can be purchased for $5 from Beth, available in Size Small, Medium, and Large.

Question of the Week
Click on "comments" to read the Question of the Week, "What does the Church teach on Global Warming?"


DucInAltumBeth said...

Great question! The Infallible Teaching Authority of the Church (the Magisterium) speaks directly to faith and morals. That said, the Church works to be the voice of Christ in the world! Therefore, the Church is always outspoken regarding all issues that relate to the human person. In 2006, the Vatican Representative to the United Nations said that "the human person should be at the center of environmental concerns in the affairs of nations, corporations and individuals." In April of 2007, Pope Benedict said that "disregard for the environment always harms human coexistence, and vice versa".

In 2006, the Vatican pointed to the reality of global warming and its relation to the burning of fossil fuels and the use of other pollutants. "We can no longer pretend that human activity has little or no impact" on the worldwide "changing climatic conditions," he said. "The Earth's climate system has demonstrably changed on both global and regional scales since the pre-industrial era," Archbishop Migliore said. "Even if greenhouse gas emissions were to be stabilized at present levels – an unlikely eventually as things stand – the global warming trend and sea-level rise would continue for hundreds of years, due to the atmospheric lifetime of some greenhouse gases and the long timescales on which the deep ocean adjusts to climate change."

In September of last year, Pope Benedict led the Catholic Church's first "eco-friendly" youth rally, and told as many as half a million people Sunday that world leaders must make courageous decisions to save the planet "before it is too late." In one of his strongest environmental appeals, the pope said, "Courageous choices that can recreate a strong alliance between man and earth must be made before it is too late."

And don't miss this- a new group is starting at St Thomas, called "St Thomas Green", which is a group of parishioners forming to answer Pope Benedict's call to environmentalism! Did you know the Vatican is the only carbon-neutral country in the world??

Minni-Mo-moved said...

Yay, new post!

How is the Village?
Does A2 have snow yet? We've got a couple inches and we've all got orange hats, cause we live in the woods and it's hunting season! :)

4 deer outside my window this morning!

mr. peters the younger said...

Great Village last week, (it was awesome having Mathias visit!)

Ann Arbor is indeed having snow!!! No major accumulation yet but who knows what Crafty Jack Frost has up his sleeve! :-)

DucInAltumBeth said...

4 deer?? Holy cow!! That's just nuts. :) Just barely snow here, but enough that people are getting out the coats and scarves and all. :) Miss the Dominica!

What a blessing to have Mathias with us- he's such a good chap. :)

Minni-Mo-moved said...

:) According to our neighbors there is a 90lb coyote too!

Miss the Beth!