06 May 2008

From Uganda!

Hey Villagers- Bridget wrote us!!!

I have been in Fort Portal only 3 days and there is so much to tell...I caught my first baby yesterday - it was like nothing else - the whole time I was praying the child and the mother would live - thanks be to God they did! This might sound silly but it was all I could think of - I don't think I have ever prayed that intensly.

I also assisted a delivery outside by the outhouses. The baby came, a breech that had to be recesitated - the nurse ran inside and left me with the mother. As I felt her abdomen I found there was a second child so I walked her into the unit and we delivered the second... I could go on and on but I only have a brief minute to email so...

The sisters are very nice to me - they are so welcoming and loving - it is even a bit overwhelming :). I am safe and learning so much - I am often humbled by what I encounter - this is very good for me.

Please send the Village my love. I will try to email more later.

In Christ, Bridget

ps. if you're looking for a moped, Uganda is the place to go... I believe there are more mopeds than cars here ... they call them "bota botas" because they were originally used to transfer them from "Border to Border"... now they are everywhere.


mr. peters the younger said...

Fantastic to hear from Bridget!
Sounds like it's going well over there! I'll be keeping up my prayers for her!

p.s. Is there any way we can get our messages to her?

DucInAltumBeth said...

Sure- just email me, and I'll pass it on! :)

mr. peters the younger said...

Thx! :-)

Chuckdude said...

The only thing I can say is: Dudett, Thats' so totaly cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep up to good work,


&M said...

Great to hear from you Bridget. God bless in all your work!