28 April 2008

The Car Wash

Twenty minutes into our Village Car Wash, we discovered we had NO WATER! The hookups for our hose weren't working, because the master water valve was shut off. :( So the 15 of us looked at each other, and began contemplating other options.

Massive game of hide and seek? Freeze tag in the street? Licking the cement? Every idea seemed like a lot of fun, but not necessarily helping the whole "Send Bridget to Africa" thing.

A resourceful David and Mike returned to us with the knowledge that Bella Vino had a working hose hookup!! Mike, Bridget and I trooped on over to beg for mercy. The Manager had pity on us and the Car Wash was back in business!!!

We were able to wash loads of cars- we made $450 in the end, enough to send along some supplies and help cover some of Bridget's land costs...ie, food and shelter. Bridget will be taking off this Thursday, for 18 hours of travel until touchdown in Uganda. Please keep her in your prayers especially this week, for safe travel and a blessed trip.
Village News

Dinner and Some Bible Concludes!!!
Stop on by St Thomas this Thursday 7-8:30 for our very last Dinner and Some Bible. It’s time to wrap it up for the summer months! We’ll be eating great food, and then reading 1 Peter.

Last Chance for Leadership: Responding to Grace
"One can only find oneself in the sincere gift of self." Turn in your Teen Leader Application for Spring-Summer today! (I mean you!!!)

Next Sunday
Join us next Sunday from 5-6:30 for a night on ‘Outside of Marriage’. We’ll have some time to talk about why marriage is so awesome, and what isn’t awesome outside of it.


Minni-Mo said...

YAAAAYYY for BRIDGET and AFRICA! Get me a cute little monkey while you're there, ok! Then I'll have someone to eat bananas with! ;)

mr. peters the younger said...

Beth, you forgot to mention the Human-Knot we untangled! :-)

Fantastic Village (complete with bow-tie, lol) and I'll be sure to keep Bridget in my prayers!

p.s. Don't forget to pray for our past Bishop Mengling and our new Bishop Boyea!!!

Minni-Mo said...

Hey Beth! We finally named the squirrel's that come to our door.
Sir Francis the Nut and Weasley the Sneezely. :P I took some pictures of Sir Francis today so you can see what he does at our door. I'll eventually get them to you! :)

DucInAltumBeth said...

Excellent names Dominica!!! ;)