17 March 2008

Turtles Like Water!

So, about a week ago I got a pet Turtle! I named him Serafini (meaning 'finished'), and was all excited for the next 25 years of our pet-owner relationship. Around Saturday night I realized he wasn't moving around in his aquarium much- or eating anything! When I flipped him upside down- no reaction from the little turtle guy...

As I'm sure you understand, I became quite concerned. Last night, I added a couple inches of water- and he went nuts! He was swimming, swimming, swimming- and swimming. Finally, I had a happy turtle again. I guess turtles like water. I guess turtles are made for water!

I've been thinking a lot about what we are made for. This week, Holy Week, is the time that we relive Jesus' suffering, death, and resurrection. If any week can tell us what we are made for- it is this one.

We are made to know, love, and serve Jesus. We are made to share in His sufferings for the redemption of the world. When we are walking with Jesus, we are like a turtle in water.

Join us this week as we draw close to Jesus, through leading the Parish Stations of the Cross this Friday.

Village News

Holy Thursday- No Dinner + Some Bible
Dinner and Some Bible has been canceled due to it being Holy Thursday!! See you all at Mass at 7:30pm, for Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper.

Good Friday- Stations of the Cross
The Village will be leading the Stations of the Cross for the Parish this Friday starting at 7pm. We need at least 14 volunteers to do the Readings, and 4 Altar Servers to visit each Station carrying candles and the crucifix. Email me back if you are able to do either! If you wish to volunteer, you must arrive by 6:30pm. Stations usually go until 8:15 or 8:30pm.

No Village on Easter Sunday- Christ is Risen!

Spring Retreat, March 28-30th
Space is still available on the Village Spring Retreat, March 28-30th! Get your forms and money in by Easter to avoid a $10 late fee…join the 23 Villagers already signed up! Registration is limited; newly confirmed 8th graders are welcome.

Other News
---Do you have some pictures of Village? Email your pictures to me, and I'll put them on our website!


Minni-Mo said...

awww! it's so cute!

mr. peters the younger said...

man, that's a tiny turtle! is he going to grow any larger?
Have a great celebration of the Triduum everyone!

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