28 January 2008


For my girls….

Ever heard the song Beautiful by Bethany Dillon? Well, if you haven't, then go on YouTube or something, and type it in, and listen to the song. The song is very powerful, and every single girl out there can relate to its lyrics. The song talks about a girl struggling to fit in with the "popular" crowd, and totally loosing sight of who she really is, but then she comes back to Jesus, and realizes she is beautiful in his eyes, and that is all that matters. here's a link to the song if you want to listen to it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Vu_nmZ1pXc

I know the society we live in today stereotypes the meaning of the word beautiful, but the beautiful they have is a vague, scary image of what beauty truly is. Beauty isn't necessarily the scarcely dressed fake actresses and models. Beauty is everywhere, but because of the world we live in today, we seem to loose sight of this. I think its time we brought true beauty back. True beauty isn't found in a magazine, its found deep in the hearts of a girl. [A Daughter of God!!]

If you look the word up (I went on dictionary.com), this is probably what you'll get, "wonderful; very pleasing or satisfying" wonderful…what a word. If you ask me, it describes each and every one of you. Because frankly, you are all wonderful, and amazing, and anyone who tells you otherwise must be under some delusion. You all are beautiful. Not hot, not sexy, but beautiful. Never ever forget that. It's something we all need to hear, and so I'm saying it. You all are BEAUTIFUL.

Love ya'll~Melissa
Check out one of our own Beautiful Women, Sister Britt!! Here she is at the March for Life in DC last week. Please keep her in your prayers! (Thanks for the pic, Peters..!)


Sister's brother said...


Sister's brother said...

and great blog melissa.

mr. peters the younger said...

Hmmm, quite good, Melissa...
My deep thanks to all the wonderful ladies who grace the Village with your presence!
God bless all of you!!!

(p.s. Glad to supply the picture.)

Minni-Mo said...

<3 thanks Melissa! You're beautiful too!