22 August 2007

So long Sister Britt!

From our own Mr. Megargle, Googuly Bear...

As we all know now, Britt has left for the convent and has gone on to become
a Servant (for those of you who do not know the name, it is The Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara). On the account that you probably won't be able to ask her what we did, I have decided to share what we did with Britt during her final days. On Friday we went to Montreal for a day and visited the Cathedral of St. Joseph before going white water rafting (Woot!) in Maine for the weekend. On Monday we came to North Conway, New Hampshire and spent several days there walking around town and meeting the Servants. Finally on Wednesday, we went to Mass with the Servants before saying Adios! to Britt and leaving to drive home. So please pray for her, and she'll be praying for you guys.

So long Sister Britt! Viva La Re Hem!


mr. peters the younger said...

It is wonderful the outpuring
of farewells and well-wishing
that has accompanied the leaving
of these good people. I pray God that these people will have his assistance in living their new lives and that he will help us all
who are still discerning the call
of God in our lives. May God bless
us all.
Farewell Britt, Theresa, Nate.

Minni-Mo said...

will she be home to visit at Christmas? I didn't get to say goodbye. :(

Drama is Consuming My Life!!! said...

Goodbye Britt!
we all will miss you
and i am praying for you every day...just like i promised!!

leahcim said...

No she won't be back at all for who know how long.

DucInAltumBeth said...

We'll be sure to send her mail.. so don't worry- we have her address!