16 July 2007

Coming to you from Mr. Peters the Younger...

Ave Villagers!

Today I decided to blog about an experience I had while visiting St. Louis. I was in a restaurant with TVs and I looked and saw the news. They mentioned the finding of a pregnant women who had gone missing (God rest her soul.) and it struck me when I saw “so-and-so arrested, charged with killing Mother and Unborn Child.” This is an example of the hypocrisy which has been around even from the time of Jesus. I see that it is up to all of us to act out our lives in such a way as to stand up for all who are given such unfair treatment, such as the unborn child who is murdered every day in clinics without anyone around caring at all and who is then recognized and respected when someone without a doctor’s degree commits the atrocity. I encourage all of you to pray for those misguided people who support this, and those who fall victim to this hypocritical stand that modern society takes, and as always, ask God for the strength to do his will.

Climbing to Jesus with Mary

God bless and keep you all!



Minni-Mo said...

Wow... hmm... that's certainly something to think about. Great post!

Mountain Climber said...

Thanks Mr. Peters the Younger. A very thought provoking post. It is amazing how standards can change when we want them to benefit us. Thankfully the Truth never changes, and it is the rock we can base everything on.