27 June 2007

Hey Villagers!
I thought I would share this quote with you all:

"Friendship is nourished by sacrifice for the sake of serving one's friends and truyly loving them. And withoust such sacrifice there can be no real freindship, no truly healthy youth, no future for one's country, no genuine religion." Pope John Paul the Great

Also, this past Sunday was the solemnity of the Nativity of John the Bapitist. Christ called him one of the greatest prophets, and we must ask ourselves why? John the Baptist never lost sight of the Bridegroom. John knew he was suppose to "prepare the way of the Lord". John waited to gaze upon the Lord, and once his eyes finally rested upon the one he had waited, he encouraged and directed others to do the same.

The priest this weekend encouraged us to recognize in our lives those people who have introduced Christ to us, and humbly stepped back to allow us to freely run to Him. So I encourage you: Who is the person who has led you to Christ, has directed your gaze towards the Bridegroom, and always remembered what is essential..."He must increase, I must decrease" (Jn 3), who is your John the Baptist?

God Bless Villagers!

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i love nemo said...

my John the Baptist.....probably my friend Cathy. She is always encouraging me, praying for me, and is always there for me whenever i need her. she invites me to come to mass with her, and is really a Shining Star of Christ.