19 April 2007

Something to Ponder...

"The greatest deception, and the deepest source of unhappiness is the illusion of finding life by excluding God, of finding freedom by excluding moral truths and personal responsibility."
-John Paul the Great

Why do we think we can find happiness without God? Why do we think sometimes that religion and God are boring...? Why do we sometimes think we are too cool for God?
Pope John Paul the Great challenges us to embrace our faith and recognize that any happiness or freedom we find outside of God are false.
Your Catholic Faith will lead you on the greatest adventures. Sometimes we have to take a step of faith and trust. Jesus tells us that what we give, we will receive a hundred times over. So what we receive from our relationship with Jesus reflects how much we give in our relationship.

climbing to Jesus with Mary


i love nemo said...

i don't know why we think we can find happiness without God. i know that i've tried it, but it never works. you never truly happy. all these things are so complicated to ponder, and if we ask ourselves these questions, chances are we'll not be able to answer them (i know, i've tried) the only thing i can come up with is peer pressure...i hate peer pressure
JP2 is great....that quote is quite inspiring, and he speaks in good depth
just my thoughts

hey you guys....do me a favor and keep my school in your prayers..if you didn't know already we were on lockdown today...nobody's hurt, but the kid that caused everything completely screwed up his life(he's going to jail) so ya, just keep us in your prayers...it's gonna take some time for things to be normal again

Minni-Mo said...

The media is one of the biggest things that makes us try to find happiness without God.It can tell you such wrong stuff.

One of my favorite jokes I have with my friends is 'dare to be different', but when you think about it, it's not really a joke, it's true. As Catholics we need to dare to be different and not follow the media.

And by doing that, we will be happier in Heaven than we could ever imagine.

Mountain Climber said...

Peer pressure and media both influence the way we act tremendously. The question then that needs to be asked: how can we have the strength and the courage to "dare to be different", to ignore peer pressure and not believe necessarily what the media is trying to make us believe?
It is the same strength that we need to have in order to choose Jesus. St. Teresa of Avila says "Jesus is our way and our destination." The strength we need is found in Him. He is strong when we are weak. It is a strength that we have that no one can tough and it comes from trusting and believing with our hearts that Jesus is with us always. We don't have to feel this Truth, we must choose to believe it, as an act of the will.
Choose to believe in Jesus!!! He will never deceive you like the media or those trying to pressure you into doing something. He will only lead you straight to himself, which is the Beatific Vision in heaven where we will find true happiness for eternity.