25 February 2007

The Life

Saturday, 2/24

"The glory of God is man fully alive" - St Irenaeus

We've heard this quote many times, and we imagine a life akin to those described by Oprah- fulfilling, joyful, reaching our full potential, and lots of laughter. And yes, this is often a part of the Christian life.

In today's reading, 1 Corinthians Ch 4, we hear "God has put us apostles on show right at the end, like men condemned to death: we have been exhibited as a spectacle to the whole universe, both angelic and human. Here we are, fools for Christ's sake...To this day we go short of food and drink and clothes, we are beaten up and we have no homes; we earn our living by labouring with our own hands...when we are insulted, we give a courteous answer."

The Christian life is to lead a life that would not make sense if God did not exist. That everything would hinge on that- on HIM. Living our lives generously for HIM, realizing that we are a spectacle for the whole world-- we are the main advertisement that God uses to draw all men to Himself.

The Church, and it's members, we are called to be holy, because as John Paul II said, "Holy people alone can renew humanity." Today let us consider how we can more fully resolve to BE HOLY, more fully resolve to REMEMBER our brothers and sisters throughout the world who suffer.

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