17 February 2007


Hiya Villagers!
I hope your weekend is going well. Can't wait to see all you tomorrow at the VILLAGE!!! I want to say congrats to our very own theatrical star Maria Lams for her amazing performance in the Community production of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Great Job Maria!!!
On to a liturgical topic... Lent is just a few days away. This Lenten season our very own Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI has chosen the theme: "They will look upon him whom they have pierced." As we are preparing for Lent, we should all spend time in prayer looking upon Him whom we have pierced, and listen to what he is asking us to do for him. Through his mercy and unending love, Christ gives us the opportunity to lessen his suffering by doing the will of God. Listen to Jesus speak to your heart from the cross, he will draw you to himself and fill you with life giving water. In the last few days before Lent, I encourage you to think and pray about what Jesus may be asking you to do this Lent. God Bless!!!
Soon the Glory of these Forty days will be upon us!

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