23 January 2007

Ordinary Time pt. 2

Bonjour Villagers!
Ordinary Time. On the surface it is easy to say that Ordinary Time is just the time in between the exciting seasons of the Church, Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. However maybe there is something more to this time the Church gives us.
The first thing we should mention is how the Church in her wisdom gives us the liturgical year, which mirrors our life. Everyone can relate to having to wait for something like we do during Advent, everyone rejoices at new birth and a new beginning like we do during Christmas, there is always suffering in life as found in Lent, but after the suffering we discover the fruits of our sufferings and can celebrate again like we are on top of the world, as we do in Easter. So we see so far that the seasons of the Church reflect the seasons and changes of our life. From this thread then Ordinary Time reflects and mirrors how sometimes things are just ordinary. However the Church has sanctified this time of ordinariness and to help us see how God can work through, sometimes even more evidently in what is ordinary, what is simple and humble and doesn't appear to be much. Depending on the year there are about 32 weeks in Ordinary Time compared to the other seasons which added together equal about 20 weeks. The Church reveals God's desire for us to search for Him in everything, especially in what we think is ordinary or insignificant.
Jesus himself chose ordinary men to become his apostles, he chose ordinary men and women to become his great saints. St. Therese, just an ordinary girl who wanted to love God more than anything is now a Doctor of the Church.
happy pondering Villagers. question to ponder: What is good about being ordinary and why is it a disposition that Jesus seems to want in us?


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